Commercial, Sound Wall

Westampton Logistics Center

Completed: 2021

Location: Westampton, New Jersey

Sound Wall Project in Westampton, New Jersey for Penntex Construction

Sound walls are constructed to control unwanted noise from distribution and logistics centers allowing them to be constructed in areas that would normally not be available.

Extreme Builders was contracted for this project for the Westampton Logistics Center.  The project had two phases. Phase One included two walls: one near the main entrance to block sound for a nearby hotel, and one L-shaped wall in the back right corner of the site. Phase Two was an addition to the wall at the back.

Westampton Logistics Center is a 634,000 square foot warehouse.

The product manufacturer AIL Sound Walls featured this project on their website.  Please read what they had to say about Extreme Builders.


Penntex Construction


MRP Realty


Westampton, New Jersey

Date Completed


Project Size

6.5'-15.5' tall x 1,226' long and 16.4'-17.5' tall x 1,310' long

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